Employees engagement has proved to be a key element in the company’s success. It develops trust among colleagues and brings in a sense of community. It levels up relationships with managers, ultimately increasing productivity. Maybe, this is the reason why companies of any size are now trying to implement employees engagement programs.

If you are new to the subject, Employees engagement programs are a combination of surveys and benefits aimed at improving employees satisfaction. Surveys have the goal to better understand the needs of employees and what can be done to meet these needs. However, too often the feedback collected are part of a pure “listening exercise” rather than a strategic plan. As a result, many programs end up not giving the desired results or simply fail.

Why employees engagement programs fail

Costs and resources

An action-based engagement program requires time and resources. It has to be implemented in a way that works for everyone and at the same time collects valuable data that can give meaningful measurable results. In a few words, unless you have money, time, and a bunch of extra-human resources, it is almost impossible to put in place an effective engagement program.

Not measurable results

Collecting feedback is not everything. These need to be translated into metrics and data. Having a clear dataset can help you to understand what needs to be improved and where to allocate resources and budget

Not clear goals

Having clarity on what you want to achieve helps to “cut out the noise”. Do you want to improve your employees’ health? Do you need to increase engagement? Do you want to rewards your colleagues?

Wonder these questions when aligning goals and plans.

Solving the above questions may not bring you automatically to an effective solution. However, nowadays new technologies can help in the design of the right Employees engagement program. A data-driven solution may help you to get the relevant data and understand where you should invest.

Engagement may be a big headache when trying to combine it with flex-work and remote-working. This is where technology, again, can help you to bridge relationships and boost morale.


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