When we talk about training, sometimes the most difficult thing is not getting started but maintain constancy through time. Also, when we get used to the same workout, it is difficult to improve the results. Perseverance is essential to achieve any goal, included the ones referred to fitness and wellness.

What we have to understand is that staying active and fit is not just a matter of exercise, but also a state of mind, a whole lifestyle that includes a set of habits. Day after day we build our routine with all our actions. The thing is, sometimes these actions can be enhanced with little changes. Here there are our advices:

  • Find the activity that does not bore you: if you have fun during the workout you will drastically improve your results, because you will put more effort to it.
  • Try to stay active during the day, even if you work. You could go to the office by walk, go for a ride during the lunch break, take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Monitor your activities and try to set a daily goal: i.e. 10k steps and 60 minutes of training, even low intensity
  • Take a moment for yourself everyday, that you know in advance that will dedicate for your wellbeing. It doesn’t necessarily has to be at the same time everyday but this could help. Make it an habit and adjust it whether you are tired or not: if you are tired maybe you could just meditate or practice some yoga, if you’re not tired you could choose the best workout according to the level of energy you feel
  • Take some rest between your fitness sections and let your muscles build and relax
  • Follow a program: if you just improvise exercises it will be difficult to train all the muscles equally. Let someone set a plan for you to follow, or subscribe to a program, even online
  • Even if you would like to tone up and grow the muscle mass, try always to include also a cardio session
  • Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Try new exercises, use higher weights and – most importantly – don’t give up at the first moment of difficulty
  • Challenge your friends! Being competitive can really give you a boost and make you feel stronger. Give it a try, you can do it using Virtuoso.