Frequently asked questions about Virtuoso

Find out how to best use the app

How credits works?

Thanks to Virtuoso you will be rewarded for your healthy activities with credits, that will allow you to redeem vouchers, prizes and win the challenges

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What is the Virtuosity?

The Virtuosity powerbar shows your active engagement during the week and it is calculated on the basis of your new available credits

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How to synchronize?

In order to Sync Virtuoso with your smartphone, the first thing to do is download it from Android Play Store or Apple App Store.

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General questions

Virtuoso is a free mobile application that rewards your healthy lifestyle. On the opposite of many others fitness and sport applications, Healthy Virtuoso doesn’t use GPS and it doesn’t directly track the activities. It only uses the data coming from Google Fit (Android), Health (iOS) and Garmin Connect (for both). The aim of Virtuoso is to help people to become more aware of their health and to understand the importance of a correct lifestyle, improving it day after day. You will be able to challenge your friends, your colleagues or other members of the community to improve your lifestyle day after day.

If your smartwatch or your activity tracker uses a dedicated application, make sure it is compatible with Google Fit or Health App or directly connect Garmin Connect if you have Garmin devices as this will be the only way to automatically transmit your activity data directly to Virtuoso. Many devices on the market record steps, calories burned, sleep activity and in some cases the heart rate on the App Health, Goolge Fit and Garmin Connect. Unfortunately, not all devices are able to generate the “Training” entry on the Health App and Google Fit and therefore help you achieve your Fitness and Credit goals

Virtuoso does not directly track any information about your activities. Virtuoso is based solely on data received from Google Fit, Health and Garmin Connect. The scenarios for which it might be possible to find a difference in the steps can be multiple, among these: your Garmin device did not immediately transmit data to Virtuoso or you favorite application did not transmit them to the Health App or Google Fit (sometimes it can take up to 24 hours); Your data still needs to be updated by Virtuoso (sometimes the synchronization can take up to 24 hours;) The data sent by Google Fit, Health App and Garmin Connect are different from those shown mistakes; Our team will always do everything possible to ensure that the synchronization can be as correct and consistent as possible with your daily activities. However, in some very exceptional cases, anomalies or problems may occur that may require several days of work to be corrected or fixed. In this case, we ask you to always inform us promptly of any anomaly through the contact form or by email at

Virtuoso does not automatically detect your activities. It is based on data synchronized by Health, Google Fit or Garmin Connect. You will notice a difference in steps in case: the application you use to record the steps has not yet synced the data with Health or Google Fit or Virtuoso in case of Garmin users (it can sometimes take up to 24 hours) or the data has yet to be finalized on Virtuoso ( Health, Google Fit and Garmin Connect may take longer to finalize data). In the event of anomalies, it may take several days of work to resolve any problems. We ask you to report any errors to

If Virtuoso partially logs Google Fit activities, we encourage you to follow one of these steps, depending on your problem:

  • If you have not been using the app for quite some time, turn your GPS on momentarily in order to synchronize properly;
  • In case you were using third-party data sources (ex: Zepp and all platforms that smartwatches connect to), and/or manually adding activities to Google Fit, make sure that the account you are registered with on Virtuoso is linked to the Google Fit account you normally use. In case Virtuoso is linked to a different account, the activities will not be recorded. To check, log into Google Fit, go to your profile, settings, “manage linked apps” and check if Virtuoso is present. If it is not present, it means that the activities are not being transmitted to Virtuoso and that you have probably connected Virtuoso with a different Fit account (email);
  • If, on the other hand, an activity is changed on Google Fit, be aware that you may experience changes in the number of steps and/or minutes of sports. If an activity is detected in a certain way by your smartphone and you edit it, you will find different numbers on Virtuoso. In fact, the system recalculates the activity based on what was actually done.
    Afterwards we ask you to check if, in the following days, the data transfer is working properly.

In case the above solutions don’t suit you, try to enter in Google Fit and proceed to “refresh” the page. Perform then the same procedure later on on Virtuoso in order to simplify and force the data transfer between the two platforms.
If the problem persists, write to us in support at:

In case this situation occurs, we invite you to try going to Health and “refresh” the page. Afterwards, perform the same procedure on Virtuoso in order to simplify and force the data transfer between the two platforms. If the problem persists, write to us at:

The block occurred as a result of exceeding certain thresholds during the suspension period, which is detected by Virtuoso during synchronization. We invite you to contact support, which will perform the necessary checks to proceed with account restoration.

Third parties app like come Strava, Nike Training, Sweat, Calm, and others, can be connected to Google Fit or Apple Health in order to register your activities and sync them with Healthy Virtuoso. Even if the detailed steps to connect them may change a little from app to app, usually what you have to do is to open the app, go to Settings and select “Apps”, “Partners” or “Account” (please double check and try them). In this section, you will find Google Fit/Apple Health/Garmin Connect and all you need to do is tapping on “allow”.

We have added a new section inside the app dedicated to company challenges. In the company section it is possible to check the dedicated charts (the company chart and the team chart), the company activity report and the personal one, news and informative content, the saved Co2 report on which you contributed and the company rewards. You can freely choose the team to join, change it or leave it and still remain a Virtuoso user. Company charts are divided into subsections depending on the Virtuosity of the participants. (i.e. if your Virtuosity degree is Silver, you will be placed into the Silver chart. If your degree changes to Gold, your position will be updated in the Gold chart). In the company section you will also have the chance to invite new colleagues to join the competition.

In the latest version of the app we have temporarily disabled the levels. We would like you to get comfortable with the powerbar of Virtuosity, that will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle through time. Levels will come back soon… with a news!

To redeem your rewards, please double check your credits, go to “Rewards” and choose between all the available options. Every reward will need a certain amount of credits to be redeemed.

In order to connect Virtuoso to Garmin Connect, you just need to click on “Garmin” during the registration time at Virtuoso, when you are asked to connect the activity-tracking kit. Insted, if you want to change a previously associated kit ( Health or Google Fit), simply click on your profile icon in the top left corner, then the settings wheel, and finally “set data source,” selecting the desired source.

In case you detect this anomaly, try to go to you fitness kit (Health or Google Fit or Garmin) and update it manually to see if the activities are being transmitted. If the problem still persists, write to us at explaining the situation and attaching screenshots from Virtuoso and Google Fit or Health or Garmin related to the activities performed. The same goes if the steps are not being registered.

If the code you redeemed does not work, it most likely means that it is a momentary and inactive code. In case, within 48 business hours, you do not receive any email from us with the usable code, please write to us at:


How can I record my activities?

Virtuoso was born with the aim of encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, encouraging them to do more physical activity. You can be rewarded for all your sports - whatever activity you practice - to a maximum of 1 hour per day.

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