We encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle

Virtuoso is a free mobile application that rewards you for all your daily activities. Challenge friends and colleagues, climb up the ranking and win the prizes to improve your healthy habits.

High-Five Worthy Stats This Year

We actively help and motivate our community lo live their healthier lives. Here the results we achieved in the last year:


Actions Completed


Users improve their lifestyle with us


Employees feel more loyal


With the right motivation you will find that being rewarded for staying healthy is easier than you think!

Monitor your activities

Take track of your daily results and improve your achievements week after week with the virtuosity powebar

Challenge the community

Find new people to compete with and launch personal or group challenges to push your limits

Climb up the rankings

Improve your position in the virtuosity ranking and in your company's ranking

Win rewards

Earn credits everyday thanks to your healthy activities and redeem free products, vouchers and discounts

Unlock badges

Complete all the actions in app and improve your performances to win the badges

Discover our advices

Follow our best practices and suggestions to accomplish more, step after step

Some of our clients

Become a virtuous company and take care of your employees.

Download the APP

Start living a healthier life now: join the monthly challenge, invite your friends and colleagues and have fun!

Reviews about Healthy Virtuoso


Since the competition started, in the office we talk about it all the time.


After a 2 months usage, I achieved way more than I expected. The app helps you to go beyond your limits.


The competition allowed me to get in contact with people that I hadn't spoken in years


Have A Question? Find The Answer With Our FAQs

Have a question? You can find the answers to the most common questions we get asked by our users. If your question is not answered below (and even if it is but you need further clarification) please feel free to contact us.

Virtuoso is a free mobile application that rewards your healthy lifestyle. On the opposite of many others fitness and sport applications, Virtuoso doesn’t use GPS and it doesn’t directly track the activities. It only uses the data coming from Google Fit (Android) and Health (iOS). The aim of Virtuoso is to help people to become more aware of their health and to understand the importance of a correct lifestyle, improving it day after day.

​Thanks to Virtuoso you will be rewarded for your healthy activities with credits, that will allow you to redeem vouchers, prizes and win the challenges. To get the credits, you can choose from: walking, playing sports, meditate, doing yoga and sleep. You can also challenge friends and colleagues and win more credits!

The Virtuosity powerbar shows your active engagement during the week and it is calculated on the basis of your completed activities monday to sunday. The degree of Virtuosity takes into account steps, sports, meditation, yoga and sleep.

If you are part of a company program, you will have access to the company section, where it is possible to check the dedicated charts (the company chart and the team chart), the company activity report and the personal one, news and informative content, the saved Co2 report on which you contributed and the company rewards.