Our lifestyle depends on two fundamental principles: a healthy nutrition and a regular physical activity. Improving these two aspects of our lives is not easy, but here you will find some useful advices. Everybody knows that it is really important to maintain an active lifestyle and choose a healthy diet, but it is quite common to have difficulties doing so.

The reason is clear: to achieve it we have to change our habits. We need to make different choices day by day, on every aspect of everyday routine. We don’t usually question them, but sometimes it can be useful to rethink about our daily habits, bringing awareness to each and every action we take. Even the smallest choice can have a huge impact on the long term. Let’s analyze the day starting from our sleep.

Our 3 main advices to change your lifestyle

1) Sleep and night rest

We all know that having a good night sleep is really important for our health. It is true, but sometimes in order to sleep more is not possible to just go to bed earlier or postpone the alarm clock. Think about those who have to take trains in the early morning or those who work until late night.

We should sleep at least 7 hours per night to see real improvements to our health. The best way to be sure to do so is using an activity tracker.


2) Daily transfers

A common error we always make is to choose the quicker and shorter way to go to our destinations. Sure, be quick sometimes it is essential, but it’s not the best choice ever. If we spend most of our days seated or standing, the transfers are our only chance to move.

We recommend you to take a few steps more during these transfers, so you may park your car a little bit further or maybe you can opt for the longest ride home.

To enjoy a longer ride you may listen to some music, try a new podcast or talk with some friends.


3) Daily routine

To improve your lifestyle you don’t necessarily have to completely change your life. Sometimes it takes very few efforts to see great results. First of all, you could take the stairs instead of using the elevator. We know that this is very easy if you live/work at the first floors, a little bit less if your floor is real high. But the truth is, your mindset is the real challenge. If you change this little habit day after day, you will get used to it real soon.

Another option is to get up once per hour and take a little walk along the building/the office, even to go take a coffee or make a phone call.

Make your choice today and go for a healthy lifestyle with Healthy Virtuoso!