Your immune system is one of the most fascinating aspects of your body. For a long time, it has been thought that the capacity of the immune cells to defend the body from external organisms was purely physical. In the 80s, then, scientists found out that our immune system is highly intelligent and they named it as “floating brain” for its ability to deliver “messages” from the brain to the whole body via the immune cells.

This means that your thoughts, feelings and emotions can really influence your body. Your mood and your mind have a real impact on your physical wellbeing.In this context, meditation becomes really important. It is quite known that it helps to generate positivity and peace and, thanks to this, it actually helps the immune system to work properly.

UCLA recently proved that HIV-positive people that practice mindfulness meditation actually produce more CD-4 cells. These cells are the ones responsible for preventing the virus propagation.


The benefits of meditation

Meditation increases the number of antibodies. One of the latest studies confirmed that, after 8 weeks of weekly meditation practices, 48 employees of a biotechnology factory have a much higher level of antibodies compared to the rest of the colleagues (that did not take part in the study), higher also than their standard levels (measured before the study).In fact, meditation stimulates some regions in the brain responsible for the immune system.

Mindfulness meditation, in particular, increases the electric activity in the pre-frontal cortex, in the right lobe of the insula and in the right hippocampus. Those areas control emotions and consciousness and, if stimulated, improve the functioning of the immune system. The message here is really relevant:

your reaction against potential illnesses may change thanks to meditation.

Meditation also contrast or reduce chronic conditions like hypertension, cardiac conditions, diabetes 2, obesity and more. We believe that it is really important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make prevention a reality for everybody. Here there are some advices you can easily follow:

  • Walk everyday, at least 10k steps
  • Play some sport regurarly, if possible at least 30 minutes
  • Try to meditate everyday
  • Don’t over stress, and if so, try to find some moments to relax
  • Sleep well, at least 7 hours
  • Wash your hands everyday at least 5-6 times or depending on how many times you have direct contact with other people

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