With the winter season, the classic seasonal ailments such as colds and flu also return.
A varied and balanced diet can provide all the necessary elements to strengthen our immune system and put us in the ideal condition to fight these illnesses.

In particular, in addition to drinking plenty of water, it can help us to consume more fruits and vegetables, so that we get the the correct amount of minerals and vitamins. According to some research that is still ongoing, among the vitamins that can help us the most, besides vitamin A and E, we have vitamin C, which we can find in citrus fruits, kiwis, peppers and other vegetables or in classic vitamin supplements.

However, other support can come from some natural extracts, whose properties are now known to be antiviral and antibacterial such as extracts of garlic, echinacea or certain spices such as carnation and ginger. Another ally in combating these classic seasonal ailments comes not from diet, but rather from physical activity; in fact, a balanced combination of physical activity and rest allows you to eliminate the stress accumulated during the day and better prepare our bodies against bacteria and viruses.

In conclusion, we try to consume lots of fruits and vegetables, eat a balanced diet, drink at least 2 liters of water, exercise, and don’t forget to rest.

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