The Four Agreements are four life teachings collected by Don Miguel Ruiz, a renowned spiritual teacher and author.

Be impeccable with the word: The word is the power with which we create, the word is a force, it is the power to express and communicate, to think and thus to create the events of our lives. Impeccable speech creates beauty, harmony, union. Depending on how we use it, the word will either will make us free or enslaved. If we indulge in anger and with our words send poison emotional toward other people, we are using our word against us. If, on the other hand, our words express respect and love we will create harmony and serenity around us. Speech is pure magic is the most powerful gift we have. The impeccability of speech can guide us to personal freedom, success and abundance, can take away our fear and transform it into joy and love.

Take nothing personally: whatever happens around us, let us not take it personally.
What makes human beings suffer is the tendency to take everything personally, as if the whole world revolves around us.
That is, we believe that others know what is in our world and we try to impose our point of view on theirs. But their point of view comes from their history, experience, world in a broad sense. If we are offended we make big something that in itself is small, because we need to be right and prove others wrong. The work to be done is to get to the point where the judgment of others-both positive and negative-does not touch us, because we have the internal perception of our own worth and therefore do not get hooked by what others think of us.

Assume nothing: We tend to assume what others think or do, take it personally, blame them and react by sending emotional poisons to them through words. That’s why every time we assume something we are doing it wrong. We make an assumption, misunderstand, take it personally and end up creating a drama that is completely
useless. All the dramas in our lives are based on assumptions, on the habit of taking things personally. And we generally start gossiping and sending emotional venom on others based on our assumptions. Better to ask than to assume; assumption brings misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Assuming that others know what we think and therefore need not say it is a mistake that often happens in relationships.

Always do your best, but evaluating moment by moment, listening to each other, in order not to overdo it. The important thing is not to judge ourselves so that we do not fall into guilt; if we do our best we learn to accept ourselves. It is necessary to get to the point of acting for the sake of acting.
Do things by valuing them and feeling that they are important to us, even the small everyday things, in order to make them take on a different value. Every action should become a ritual in which we love our brightest part, every thought becomes union with the Universe and we live free of prejudice and victimhood.

If we are impeccable with speech, if we do not take things personally, if we assume nothing and always do our best, we will be able to savor the wonder of our existence.