Walk, play sport, sleep and get rewarded! From today, all the goals that you reach will allows you to climb up the ranking of the ongoing competitions based on credits, both company and global competition.

Improve your daily habits and do a little more than the week before to reach up to 60 extra credits every week

Why the personal goals

The mission of Healthy Virtuoso is incentivize healthy habits, rewarding people to improve their daily routine.
We all know that 12.000 steps can be easy for someone and very difficult to reach for other people.

For this reason, we launched the daily goals, that incentivize personal improvement.

How they work:

Every monday, you can see your new weekly goals, which are personal and based on your previous week. If the week before you maintain an average of 5.300 steps per day, in the new week you will be asked to reach at least 6.000 steps per day.

In the app you can see three different personal goals: steps, sport minutes and sleep: once you reach the top of them, you will be asked to maintain that level in order to complete the goal and redeem credits.

How do the credits work:

Once you reach all the goals, you can earn 60 credits, 20 credits for each goal.

  • If you complete all the daily goal, the icon will be green;
  • if you complete only 1 or 2 goals, the icon will be yellow;
  • if the icon is referred to today, it will be blue
  • if the icon is referred to next days, the icon will be grey

To redeem the credits, you simply need to click on “Redeem” button you can see on each days. If you still have credits to redeem, you can see a red dot above the icon

You can redeem the credits from this week and from the previous week.

From today, those credits will be also valid for credits-based competition: this means that the 60 credits per day will help you to climb up the ranking and win the rewards.