How credits work

Complete all the activities everyday and win the challenges to get credits and redeem the rewards up for grab!

How do credits work?

Thanks to Virtuoso you will be rewarded for your healthy activities with credits, that will allow you to redeem vouchers, prizes and win the challenges. To get the credits, you can choose from: walking, playing sports, meditate and sleep.

Furthermore, there are others actions that will reward you with credits, like:

  • Complete the profile

  • Challenge your friends or colleagues and win the challenge

  • Invite a new friend/colleague

​Please note: the credits earned by completing your profile won’t count as credits for the challenges and will be given just the first time you fill the required data.

Why can't I see all of my credits?

If after a new login you can no longer see the credits you collected, there is nothing to worry about. It is possible that you have used a different email address from the registration one. Please check the email going to the profile>account. If you need any help with this, please contact us at

What is the difference between total credits, confirmed and to be confirmed?

Total credits are the result of all the credits gained since your registration to Healthy Virtuoso. Available credits are the result of total credits minus the credits you already used (to redeem the prizes or to register to a new challenge). The credits to be confirmed are the credits you recently gained thanks to your activities, that still have to be finalized with external data, so they are temporary. This happens because both Google Fit and Apple Health calculate your final data with their own algorithms that may finalize the parameters with a small delay. These credits will be confirmed (or will slightly change) and officially attributed only after Google Fit/Apple Health will stabilize them.