Employee wellbeing is extremely important for companies, especially after the pandemic period which led to a necessary confinement that has reduced interactions between people to almost zero and has changed lifestyle and daily habits. Our mission as Virtuoso is to support companies and help them to engage the employees and reward healthy habits, to improve their wellbeing month after month.

We interviewed one of the virtuous companies, medac pharma, who had the pleasure of sharing their experience and commitment to employees with us.


The experience of medac pharma for the wellbeing of employees

What are the main needs of the company at the moment?

Certainly an increasingly topical need is to engage people at 360° within the company project. The attention to the involvement and wellbeing of employees in medac is an increasingly central theme.

What activities do you carry out for the wellbeing of the employees?

In the area of ​​human resource development, we have recently carried out various training courses at individual and collective level. Along this line, we are structuring new initiatives that can allow colleagues to develop new digital skills by improving the way they work, making new hardwares available to them that can improve their performance.

In the last year we then joined the Healthy Virtuoso network, rewarding the healthy habits of our employees.

Finally, for the month of blood cancer prevention, held in October, we offered the opportunity to carry out a complete haematological screening, confirming the importance of prevention in a therapeutic area very close to us.

Have you carried out any special initiatives in the last 24 months?

Yes, we then took a further step forward on the social media, structuring a communication that would convey our activities as a branch and bringing closer communication between those who work in the headquarters and those in the field.

In the last period, the company has regulated remote working, offering all employees the opportunity to carry out remote working two days a week. Upon returning to the office in September, we had a welcome “Welcome kit” found on the desks of all colleagues, an initiative to celebrate the return of the entire headquarters in attendance after the acute phase of the pandemic.

The common goal must be to continue our growth and to overcome the difficulties of the last period together, continuing to invest more and more in people.

What challenges for the future await you?

The biggest challenge that awaits us will be to continue to consolidate our position on the national territory in the areas where we are currently most present: uro-oncology, hematology, neurosurgery and oncology.

Next March we will celebrate together the ten years since the foundation of our Italian branch; everyone’s commitment to improve the lives of our patients has never changed in all those years and this is the result of the extraordinary work of all our colleagues and the collective growth of our group, which will remain the top priority for the future.


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