Healthy Virtuoso welcomes Garmin.

From now on, simply by updating the app (click here to do it), you can choose Garmin Connect™ as the data source for your health and sports activities.

When the update is done, simply log in and you will be asked to choose the app to connect to, at which point you can select Garmin Connect™ (as an alternative to the already present Health by Apple for iOS and Google Fit for Android). For those who are already logged in, simply go to Profile/Settings/Set data source and that’s it.

Do you prefer to keep the current data source? No problem, nothing will change for those users. We still suggest updating the app as there are small other improvements.

Garmin Connect is the tool to track, analyze and share your fitness activities from your Garmin device. Garmin Connect provides all the tools you need to improve your training.

Let’s run to update the app!