Would you like to get to know other users?

 Discover the chat and get 50 extra credits!

You can now interact with the entire Virtuoso community thanks to the arrival of Chats 📱

How do chats work?

1) Start following other users, when they also follow you, then you can chat directly by clicking on their profile icon
2) Launch a challenge, when it is accepted you can start chatting with the other participants!
3) Are you part of a corporate? You can chat with all colleagues at any time!

How can I get the credits?

Scan the following QR code to try using the chat e get 50 credits extra or click here 


How often can I use the chats? Feel free to use them as much as you want! You can get to know better all other users of Virtuoso!

How long do chats last? You can always chat with other users if you both follow eachother. In case you start a chat during a challenge or a competition, it will last up to 7 days after its conclusion.